Advanced Dental Services & Technology – New City, NY

How the Latest Advancements Enhance Your Dental Experience

Keeping up to date with the latest dental technology makes a great difference in the care that we provide. We keep an eye on the latest advancements, and we go out of our way to adopt any technology that we feel could help us provide better care for our patients. Below are a few examples of technology that we’ve adopted into our dental office. Get a feel for our state-of-the-art approach to dentistry before you call to make an appointment.

Dentist using handheld scanner to capture digital bite impressions

Digital X-Rays

Dentist and patient looking at digital x-rays

Cavities and other oral health issues could be hiding under your gums or between your teeth, and X-rays are our best method for detecting them as early as possible. Dental offices have moved past traditional radiography in favor of digital X-rays, which expose patients to far less radiation, create higher quality images in much less time, and make it easy to store said images on a computer instead of in a messy and inconvenient filing cabinet.

Intraoral Camera

Dentist capturing images with intraoral camera

An intraoral camera is a valuable tool for patient education. While we always do our best to explain your oral health situation in terms that you can easily understand, it can sometimes be hard to picture what’s going on inside your own mouth. With an intraoral camera, we can show you extremely sharp images of your teeth and gums so that you can examine your own smile from various angles, letting you see the problems for yourself.

Digital Impression System

Digital bite impressions on chairside computer monitor

A digital impression is a 3D replica of the mouth generated using advanced scanners and state-of-the-art software. Such replicas are much more accurate than traditional molds (thus minimizing the need for retakes later), and they’re much less messy as well; there’s no need to sit in a dental chair for several minutes while biting down on some goopy material, which is especially good news for anyone with a powerful gag reflex that can get in the way of dental work.

The Wand

The wand local anesthesia administration device

The Wand is a special anesthesia system that makes the process of administering anesthesia shots more pleasant and straightforward. Thanks to the Wand’s benign design, patients who are nervous around needles find it easier to relax. Furthermore, the system allows us to control the flow of anesthesia, allowing us to deliver the medicine at precisely the right rate based on the area that’s in need of treatment. It’s also very precise, meaning only the tooth or teeth being treated are numbed, making it easier to return to your normal routine afterwards.

Cavity Detection System

Cavity detection system

Visual and tactile examinations are invaluable for detecting cavities, but even with X-rays some decay can still be overlooked. Our cavity detection system allows us to identify tooth decay anywhere in the mouth no matter how small. The system involves a special light that causes decayed areas to look darker than the surrounding enamel, making them very easy to spot. Catching the smallest cavities allows us to treat them before they turn into real problems.